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Welcome to Sandy Springs Gymnastics:

Sandy Springs Gymnastics is located at the Hammond Park Gymnasium in Sandy Springs, GA.  The gym is operated privately by Phoenix Gymnastics LLC.  With the support of the City of Sandy Springs and direction of the Phoenix Team, Sandy Springs gymnastics aims to offer affordable and accessible gymnastics to a community that includes kids from all backgrounds, a staff that is compassionate and welcoming to families, and a youth program that is centered around what is best for kids. 


We love to welcome returning and new families to their forever gym home with a warm and inviting staff who prioritize kindness and community!!   


"Independence, discipline, hard work are just a few of the skills I want to pass down to our students.  I  am passionate about creating a space where kids are challenged, learn and have fun! 


I am passionate about creating a positive environment with a well-qualified and enthusiastic staff and supportive families.  All coming together to create community and the ultimate space for helping to build mentally and physically strong kids into adults ready to take on the world!"  

-Coach Gina

Owner/Program Director

Classes & Programming


2021 General Class


Monthly Registration:  

Our recreational classes open for registration on the 15th of every month!


This set up helps us tremendously as we try to get families in for class even during a restricted time.  So, make sure you register EARLY!  We always send out an email as a reminder (please check your spam if you haven't received them) and always post reminders on our News and Update section on the site. Registration will close on the last day of the month. No Registrations can be made the day of a scheduled class.  Also, please note, we don’t want to just renew your tuition on the first of every month, we want to make sure you’re engaged with what’s going on!



During this time we are still not offering in person make ups.  If you miss a class(es) or plan on missing one, will recievce an email after we take attendance with instructions on attending your assigned Open Gym.


Our classes are starting to fill up!  As we continue to pull through this trying time, we are unable to increase our class sizes or class offerings.  It is important that you register early. Remember, classes open on 15th of EVERY MONTH!  It is our intention to do what is necessary to bring back more classes and some of our old coaches for the beginning of next school year!


705 Hammond Dr.

Sandy Springs, GA 30328


Tel: 404-256-1234

Virtual Office Number: 470-524-1396


Monday & Wednesday: 2:00-7:00pm

Tuesday & Thursday: 1:00-6:00pm

Friday: 9:00am-3:00pm

Saturday: 9:30am - 1:00pm


Virtual Office Number: 470-524-1396

Tuesday-Friday: 9:00am-1:00pm


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