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Welcome to Sandy Springs Gymnastics:

Sandy Springs Gymnastics is located at the Hammond Park Gymnasium in Sandy Springs, GA.  The gym is operated privately by Phoenix Gymnastics LLC.  With the support of the City of Sandy Springs and direction of the Phoenix Team, Sandy Springs gymnastics aims to offer affordable and accessible gymnastics to a community that includes kids from all backgrounds, a staff that is compassionate and welcoming to families, and a youth program that is centered around what is best for kids. 


We love to welcome returning and new families to their forever gym home with a warm and inviting staff who prioritize kindness and community!!   


"Independence, discipline, hard work are just a few of the skills I want to pass down to our students.  I  am passionate about creating a space where kids are challenged, learn and have fun! 


I am passionate about creating a positive environment with a well-qualified and enthusiastic staff and supportive families.  All coming together to create community and the ultimate space for helping to build mentally and physically strong kids into adults ready to take on the world!"  

-Coach Gina

Owner/Program Director

Classes & Programming

Class Changes due to COVID

Due to the changes that are happening around us, we have made a few adjustments to our class offerings and how we run our programming.  With your child's health and safety at our forefront, you'll see the same fun and challenging classes with just a few updates!

1. Our classes are broken down into 5 categories: 


  • Recreational (Ages 7+): Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

  • Preschool (12 mos - 6 years): Wiggle Worms, Mighty Mites and Supermites

  • Adult Gymnastics: Open Gym/Structured Classes for Adults!

2. All classes warm-up together.  An interactive cardio warm-up is followed by a group stretch

3.  Groups are separated with no more than 6 kids per group.  Each group is assigned a zone for their practice.  

4.  All classes are 50 min long (except Mommy and Me classes @ 30 min.)

This set-up allows for:

  • limited cross contamination of events during classes.

  • Classes Better structured for success

  • Allows for safe physical distancing during classes

  • Allows time for coaches to escort students in and out of class and clean/wipe down mats used in between classes.

Please see our Drop- Off and Pick- Up directions below:

Hammond Park

705 Hammond Dr.

Sandy Springs, GA 30328


Tel: 404-256-1234


Monday- Friday: 2:00pm - 7:00pm

Saturday: 10:00 - 1:00pm