Join us Mondays and Wednesdays

from 9:00 am - 11:00 am for Coffee & Tumble Time!! 


Drop-ins are $10 and include all you can drink coffee.  Save money when you pre-register for the month.


Bring your toddlers and babies for some fun free play in the preschool gym area where the equipment is designed with their cute little bodies in mind.  

Drop-in anytime and leave when it works best for your family.  Coffee and Tumble Time is the perfect pre-nap ritual, and a great way to meet up with other parents in the neighborhood to catch up with the kids in tow. 

Not to mention, COFFEE.

This is a non structured, "open gym" style time with you and your little one(s) that helps grow their cognitive and playground readiness, motor skills, fitness, and character while learning to be on the gymnastics equipment which makes it easy to transition to structured classes, once the time is right. 


Fun free-time with parents means lots of bonding, but requires parents stay with their children during the duration of playtime.