Our Programs:

Balancing Beam

Recreational Gymnastics:


Our recreational program is divided into classes based on age and level progression.  Our focus is on making sure our kids are learning gymnastics fundamentals in a safe environment while also gaining new skills of self-motivation, goal setting and positive self-esteem. We aim to develop our athletes’ love of learning and trying new things!


Team Gymnastics:


Our team program is the place for your gymnast to learn the values of hard work, persistence, and teamwork and where she will form lifelong friendships.  Our coaching staff value safety and healthy challenges as our gymnasts progress through levels!


We offer USA Xcel and JO levels 1-5

Girls Doing Push-Ups

Gym Stars: 


Our Gym Stars team is a special group of gymnasts who have shown great skill at the recreational level and would like to take the next step in gymnastics but without the heavy practice schedules of our Xcel and JO programs.  The Gym Stars team is designed to give gymnasts the opportunity to compete around the state with low time commitment in the gym. The Gym Stars program is unique to the state of Georgia and competes under AAU rules/regulations.


Gym Stars is by invitation only. 

***Tryouts will be August 10th at Sandy Springs Gymnastics from 2:00 - 4:00 pm.  Registration will be open after tryouts.



Preschool Gymnastics

Class Descriptions:

Wiggle Worms : A parent-tot program for toddlers aged 18 months to 2.5 years old.  Wiggle Worms focuses on introduction to body awareness, motivation, parent education, and the mastery of simple “tricks ” that lead to peer and adult reinforcement for exercise.

Mighty Mites: Exposes kids aged 3 and 4 year movement challenges and gymnastics basics The overall goal for Mighty Mites is to prepare children socially, emotionally, cognitively and physically for the next level of gymnastics and/or other sports

Super Mites: 5 and 6 year olds build confidence in their physical abilities through learning the

Fundamentals of gymnastics. Kids continue to build on the basics taught in Mighty Mites and are exposed to gymnastics curriculum for Levels 1-3.

Curious Girl

Rhythmic Gymnastics:


Our Rhythmic Gymnastics program is headed by famed coach, Anna Sokolova.  Anna has been coaching her blue ribbon rhythmic team at Hammond Park for over 20 years!  This is a true testament to her training system. Rhythmic gymnastics combines gymnastics, ballet and dance.  It features flexible body skills in costume and manipulation of apparatus (ball, clubs, hoops and ribbon) that are coordinated with music.  You will be amazed at the grace, beauty, flexibility and strength of these young athletes as they progress through the sport! Classes are available from beginner level up to competition level 7.


Adult Gymnastics:

Have you watched your gymnast tumble around during practice and caught the bug too? Well you're in luck! We offer a class for those wanting to try out gymnastics for the first time, those wanting to climb back on that equipment again, or those of you who want to work on basic strength, balance and flexibility to help in other areas or sports!

Workout Lesson