Our Programs:

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Recreational Gymnastics:


Our recreational program is divided into classes based on age and level progression.  Our focus is on making sure our kids are learning gymnastics fundamentals in a safe environment while also gaining new skills of self-motivation, goal setting and positive self-esteem. We aim to develop our athletes’ love of learning and trying new things!

Recreation and Preschool classes are once a week and meet for 45 min.

Your second child, or second class, always includes a 10% discount in tuition rates.  

Recreation classes begin at 6 years old.  There are classes and levels for all ages and skill progressions.  If you are not sure which class level to enroll your child in, please reach out to schedule an evaluation with our front desk team by emailing info@sandyspringsgymnastics.org.

All of our recreational gymnastics classes are $75/month. During this time, you must register for classes each month. Classes open for registration on the 15th of every month. 


Team Gymnastics:


Our team program is the place for your gymnast to learn the values of hard work, persistence, and teamwork and where she will form lifelong friendships.  Our coaching staff value safety and healthy challenges as our gymnasts progress through levels!


Our USA Xcel programming offers flexibility for competitive gymnasts who want more creativity in their routines and are looking to spend less hours in the gym.

Our Junior Olympic Gymnastics programing at Sandy Springs offers J.O levels 2-5.  

We also offer advanced team-prep programming including our Hot Shots program for advanced ages 4-5, and our Team Prep programming based on Level 2 routines for ages 6-8.  

For team pricing, please login to iClassPro 

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Gym Stars: 


Our Gym Stars team is a special group of gymnasts who have shown great skill at the recreational level and would like to take the next step in gymnastics but without the heavy practice schedules of our Xcel and JO programs.  The Gym Stars team is designed to give gymnasts the opportunity to compete around the state with low time commitment in the gym. The Gym Stars program is unique to the state of Georgia and competes under AAU rules/regulations.


Gym Stars is by invitation only.  If your child is aged 8+ and interested in Gym Stars, please contact our Gym Stars Team Director at info@sandyspringsgymnastics.org and schedule an evaluation with Coach Autumn.


Preschool Gymnastics

Class Descriptions:

Wiggle Worms : A parent-tot program for toddlers aged 18 months to 2.5 years old.  Wiggle Worms focuses on introduction to body awareness, motivation, parent education, and the mastery of simple “tricks ” that lead to peer and adult reinforcement for exercise.

Mighty Mites: Exposes kids aged 3 and 4 year movement challenges and gymnastics basics The overall goal for Mighty Mites is to prepare children socially, emotionally, cognitively and physically for the next level of gymnastics and/or other sports

Super Mites: 5 and 6 year olds build confidence in their physical abilities through learning the

Fundamentals of gymnastics. Kids continue to build on the basics taught in Mighty Mites and are exposed to gymnastics curriculum for Levels 1-3.

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Coffee and Tumble Time

Coffee and Tumble Time! 

Drop in on Monday and Wednesday mornings between 9:00 am - 11:00 am for complimentary coffee and toddler free play. 


You can drop the big-kids off at school and head over to the gym to run you little one tired before nap time.  The kindergym area will be set up to be toddler friendly with equipment that is just their size!  Coffee and tea with all the fixings will be available for only $10 per session.


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Our Karate program, led by Sensei Mark Moeller, has called Hammond Park home for over 30 years!  

Atlanta’s Traditional Okinawan Karate-do Dojo is devoted to excellence in martial arts training. Our goal is to provide the highest level of instruction in traditional Karate-do and other martial arts.

Training at the dojo provides both physical and mental development which leads to the balanced growth of the students’ bodies and minds. This training also enriches the students’ lives by giving them an understanding of certain martial values and virtues.

Our purpose is to introduce students to a comprehensive program which incorporates the techniques and principles of traditional Karate-do and other martial arts in a noncompetitive group environment. The emphasis is on self-development and cooperation rather than on competition.

Each class starts with all students participating in foundational drills.  Students are then divided by rank into smaller groups to work on material for their level with an instructor or senior student.  This format allows students to receive more personalized instruction and to advance in their training.

The dojo offers classes for adults and for kids age 6 and above.


Rhythmic Gymnastics:


Our Rhythmic Gymnastics program is headed by famed coach, Anna Sokolova.  Anna has been coaching her blue ribbon rhythmic team at Hammond Park for over 20 years!  This is a true testament to her training system. Rhythmic gymnastics combines gymnastics, ballet and dance.  It features flexible body skills in costume and manipulation of apparatus (ball, clubs, hoops and ribbon) that are coordinated with music.  You will be amazed at the grace, beauty, flexibility and strength of these young athletes as they progress through the sport! Classes are available from beginner level up to competition level 7.

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Action Academy:


Introducing...Action Academy!


Jiri Stanek  is the head of the Action Academy.  Jiri has over 20 years of experience in the stunt business!  You may have even seen him in one of your favorite action movies!  He has been trained and certified in numerous disciplines including: Personal Training, Martial Arts (Taekwondo, Shotokan and Judo) and Gymnastics. Jiri strongly believes in the importance of safety, discipline, hard work and having fun with your training.  All paying off for the overall long term benefit for his class participants!

Opportunity to train with a working stunt professional!

Join Coach Jiri in a new program that uses the foundations of parkour, tumbling and stunting for a total body workout experience, in a safe environment, that can be enjoyed by kids and adults!


The Action Academy is designed to build cardiovascular endurance, promote quick thinking skills, foster creativity and boost confidence for kids and adults.  

The program also gives adults the opportunity to train with a working Action Actor/ Stunt performer/ Stunt Coordinator to learn all the proper techniques in becoming a successful stuntman.


Class I: Introductory class for kids who are new to the world of parkour, tumbling and overall body movement and control.  This class will focus on instilling the proper ways to fall, control body movements and increase body awareness; while also building strength and flexibility.

Class II: This class will build off of the basics learned in Class I and participants will continue to build their skill sets and develop a level of comfort in body movement and awareness

Class III: This class is by invitation only and is for kids 10 and up with great foundation and understanding of Action Acting techniques and discipline.


Adult Action Acting:  Class for adults interested in learning the ins and outs of being a professional Stuntman.  An hour long class where you will learn the proper techniques for Falls, fights, mini trampoline  movements and action acting techniques needed to become a professional Stuntman!

$30/class or $100 for month registration

Private lessons @ $75/hour


Adult Gymnastics:

Have you watched your gymnast tumble around during practice and caught the bug too? Well you're in luck! We offer a class for those wanting to try out gymnastics for the first time, those wanting to climb back on that equipment again, or those of you who want to work on basic strength, balance and flexibility to help in other areas or sports!

Our Adult Gymnastics classes are available for registration through ClassPass and iClassPro.  Drop-in rates are only $20.  Sign up online, or drop into the gym and pay at the front desk.

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