Our Programs:


Recreational Gymnastics:


Our recreational program is divided into classes based on age and level progression.  Our focus is on making sure our kids are learning gymnastics fundamentals in a safe environment while also gaining new skills of self-motivation, goal setting and positive self-esteem. We aim to develop our athletes’ love of learning and trying new things!

**If you are not sure which class level to enroll your child in, please reach out to schedule an evaluation with our front desk team by emailing info@sandyspringsgymnastics.org.


Team Gymnastics:


Our team program is the place for your gymnast to learn the values of hard work, persistence, and teamwork and where she will form lifelong friendships.  Our coaching staff value safety and healthy challenges as our gymnasts progress through levels!


Our USA Xcel programming offers flexibility for competitive gymnasts who want more creativity in their routines and are looking to spend less hours in the gym.

Our Junior Olympic Gymnastics programing at Sandy Springs offers J.O levels 3-5.  

We also offer  team-prep programming including our Hot Shots program for little ones showing great potential in strength, flexibility and mental readiness is for ages 4-6, and our Pre Team programming based on Xcel Bronze and Level 2 -3  routines for ages 6 and up. 

For More Info On Our Teams, Email:


***Please Note we are not currently accepting new team members, if your daughter is interested in team, please reach out for next steps***

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Gym Stars: 


Our Gym Stars team is a special group of gymnasts who have shown great skill at the recreational level and would like to take the next step in gymnastics but without the heavy practice schedules of our Xcel and JO programs.  The Gym Stars team is designed to give gymnasts the opportunity to compete around the state with low time commitment in the gym. The Gym Stars program is unique to the state of Georgia and competes under AAU rules/regulations.


Gym Stars is by invitation only.  If your child is ages 8+ and interested in Gym Stars, please contact our Gym Stars Coach, Autumn at: info@sandyspringsgymnastics.org 

***Please Note we are not currently accepting new team members, if your daughter is interested in team, please reach out to Coach Autumn for next steps***


Preschool Gymnastics

Our Preschool Curriculum Prepares Your Little One By:

  • Building their confidence and self-esteem,

  • Increasing sensory motor training, focus, concentration, listening and verbal communication skills;

  • Helping them to learn how to positively interact with their peers

  • Developing coordination and agility for any and all sports. 

Class Descriptions:

Wiggle Worms : A parent-toddler program for little ones aged 18 months to 3 years old.  This 30 min class focuses on introduction to body awareness, motivation, parent education, and the mastering of simple gymnastics skills that prepare them for recreational classes individually as well as reinforcing exercise for little one and adult alike!

Mighty Mites: Exposes kids aged 3 and 4 year to various movement challenges and gymnastics basics. The goal for Mighty Mites is to prepare children socially, emotionally, cognitively and physically for the next level of gymnastics and/or other sports. 

Super Mites: 5 and 6 year olds build confidence in their physical abilities through learning the fundamentals of gymnastics. Kids continue to build on the basics taught in Mighty Mites and are exposed to gymnastics curriculum for Levels 1-3.

Workout Lesson

Adult Gymnastics:

Our Adult Gymnastics classes are for adults with previous gymnastics experience, and those looking to try gymnastics for the first time or adults looking for a fun and creative way to workout!  Each class has a USA gymnastics certified instructor available to assist with any spotting, questions or semi-structured gymnastics based workout!


Adult Open Gym

     Each adult open gym begins with a group warm up and stretch. Lasting about 15 min.  The next 45 min of class is for an open gym for those with previous gymnastics or parkour experience. Coaches are available to help guide you through drills and stations if you are looking to learn gymnastics. Please note: This is not a structured class!


     **Please keep an eye out on our site and social media for any closing updates!

1.  Create an account with us on iclasspro

2. Register for the Adult Open Gym Class

3. A punch pass will be added to your account for the month!


Your registration allows for 5 visits per month to Adult Open Gym. These punches can be used weekly and even multiple times monthly.  Unused punches do not rollover month to month.  Punch passes must be purchased on a month to month basis due to the unpredictable times we are facing.  



Adult Fitness Classes with Coach Nadia

  1. Adult Flexibility- Mondays/Wednesdays 7:00pm-8:00pm

  2. Basics Acro- Mondays /Wednesdays 8:00pm-9:00pm

Different from Adult Open Gym, you must purchase punch passes for these classes. Select, "Proshop", when your logged on to the customer portal to get started today.

Adult Fitness Classes Pricing:

Drop-In: $25.00

5 Classes: $100.00

10 Classes: $200.00