Olympic Day 2021

A Recreational summer Showcase

***Leotard or Boys uniform (shirt and shorts) included in the registration fee


What is Olympic Day?


In the late summer of 2020 the Summer Olympics were planned to take place in Tokyo, Japan.  But, we all know COVID came in and messed up all those plans and has even affected the psh back of the Olympics for 2021. So, we're bringing the olympics, here, at Sandy Springs Gymnastics!  Join us this May for our first annual, Olympic Day, Spring Showcase. Our Spring Showcase is an opportunity for your student to show family & friends what they have accomplished this year/session in class.


Students are scheduled in 1 session of the showcase with students in their class and or age level. There will be 2-3 sessions about 1.5 hours each. Students perform in a format similar to a gymnastics competition. 


Olympic Day will take place on Saturday, May 16th. Times TBD after registration has closed. Registration begins Monday, March 9th!


Olympic Day Format:  Each student is placed in a group with other students from their class and other classes of their age range.  The event will begin with all students doing a warm up together.


Then, each group will be separated and marched to their starting events.  The groups will perform their routines, one by one on each event. All events will be performing at the same time. The event will be in the format of an actual gymnastics competition.


*Please note there will be no judges or scores for Olympic Day.  This is not a competition, rather the opportunity for students to showcase their skills worked on throughout the year and session.


Showcase Entry Fee: $75

Includes:  Show uniform. Award medal, performance certificate and 1 entry wristbands & tons of raffles/prizes!

Olympic Day Routines:  Each class will be working on routines for Olympic Day beginning the middle of March up until the event.  Coaches will be close by during the event to assist students in any way. If your child might want a little extra help, we will be having a special Parent Night Out dedicated to working on routines for Olympic Day!


Coaches are also available for private/group lessons.  Please reach out to coaches directly if you are interested.  


Olympic Day Uniform:  All Olympic Day entries come with a leotard or t-shirt/shorts


Invited Classes: All Recreational classes are invited to participate in the Olympic Day event (Wiggle Worms, Mighty Mites, Supermites, Beginner, Intermediate and Fireflies


Team Demonstrations: As an added bonus, our competitive team girls as well as our rhythmic programs will be performing routines throughout the show.  


Spectators:  Invite friends, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins!  Who wouldn’t want to see how hard your little one has been working?!  *Olympic Day Entry comes with 2 wristbands. All other spectators: $5 general admission kids 5 and under free


Location: The Olympic Day Event will take place here, at Hammond Park Gymnasium

Register for olympic day at the front office