Sandy Springs Gymnastics

Spring 2021 FAQs:


We’ve planned and are now prepared on how to protect the health and safety of our students, staff and families as we return to the Hammond Park facility.  We will take a cautious, yet flexible approach that puts student and staff well-being first!  Please keep in mind that these new policies may not be ideal but we ask that you all be respectful of the changes made during this critical time. 


Here are a few FAQs about our restricted opening and classes/camps at Hammond Park!


Q: How do I register for a class?

A:  First, create an account on our parent portal.  From there you can find classes available for registration HERE.  If you have any questions about classes or registration please email:

Q: How often do classes meet?

A:  Classes meet once a week for 50 minutes. (Wiggle Worm classes are 30 min.)

Q:  What days and times are classes offered

A:  Our recreational and preschool gymnastics classes are offered on Mondays & Wednesdays from 3:30 - 6:30pm and Saturdays from 10:00am - 1:00pm (Please see class schedule HERE)


Q: We paid for a full month,   Will we be refunded or be able to make up this time?

A: We understand that there are times that customers are unable to attend a class. During this time if a class is missed, please email us at and a class credit code will be given to you towards your next registration month. If you miss more than one class a month, only one class credit code can be given. Please note that make ups  are a courtesy for our customers and not an obligation. 

Q: Do I have to re-register my child every month or will my account be auto-debited?

A:  At this time, you will have to re-register your child, monthly.  Classes open on the 15th of every month.  Once restrctions begin to be lifted, we will return to gymnastics sessions and auto debit.

Q: What should my gymnast wear to class?

A:  Gymnasts and Campers should wear comfortable clothing.  This includes: leotards, shorts and shirt, leggings, etc.  This does NOT include: jeans, dangling jewelry or oversized clothing

Q:  We will be traveling or away for part of a month, can our tuition be prorated?

A:  We are unable to prorate your class prior to registration.  We ask that you wait to register for classes if you know you will miss a few classes. 

Q:When and where can I register classes?

A: Classes are opened for registration on the 15th of EVERY MONTH. Registration can be done HERE

Q:  We just remembered to register the day of class.  Can we still bring our child in for that class?

A:  We will not accept same day registrations for classes.  We want to make sure we are prepared for all of our classes and making sure we have space in all the classes during this time of restrictions.  PLEASE REGISTER FOR CLASSES AHEAD OF TIME!

Q: Can we register for classes at the gym?

A: At this time, to eliminate the flow of persons in and out the facility, we ask that all registration be done online.  If you have any questions or need. assistance, please email us ( or call us (404-256-1234)

Q: What are new gym hours?

A: The gym office is open:

Mondays & Wednesdays 2:00-7:00pm

Tuesdays & Thursdays 1:00-7:00pm

Fridays 9:00am-3:00pm

Saturdays 10:00am - 1:00pm

**We strongly urge calling for any questions during these hours as we try to keep traffic flow low during this time.

Q: Am I allowed to watch my child during class?

A:  Yes. There will be areas marked off for standing to observe classes BUT we strongly encourage parents to drop their child(ren) off. If a parent/guardian opts to stay, students are limited to two persons/per child to remain with them in the gym. Despite state and local restrictions, we do ask that all persons, not attending class remain masked inside of the building regardless of vaccination status, etc. at this time.


Q: If I don’t stay in the gym with my child, how can I be sure they make it to the right class?

A: Due to our new operating procedures, and smaller class sizes, coaches will be meeting your student at the entrance of the gym floor and escorting them to their class zone. All classes warm up together, attendance is taken and classes are then separated by age and/or skill.

Q: We are not comfortable with having temperatures taken or wearing masks upon entering the gym, can my child still take class?

A: For the health and safety of our students and staff, we will not allow people who have not had their temperatures taken or not wearing a mask inside the facility, however we do recognize the novelty of these new operating procedures  and are working to make our students and their families as comfortable as possible as we navigate the new “normal,” and will have an online program which families are welcome to take advantage of as an alternative. 

Q: Are the temperatures being recorded?

A: No, they are not being recorded, we are taking them simply as a precaution to prevent the spread of illness, particularly in our facility. 


Q: What will instruction be like, in light of all of the changes?

A: We will continue to provide the same quality instruction, our coaches will keep all groups in “zones” or areas of the gym, Physical readiness, mental strength/discipline and FUN will continue to be the highlight of our classes with our USA gymnastics certified instructors will remain with each group at a 6:1 ratio.

Q:  What do we do if our child our someone in our immediate family has tested positive for COVID-19 or asked to quarantine from school?


A:  We are continuing to do what we can to keep the gym as safe as possible.  In order to keep doing this, we ask that if your family and any immediate members fall into any of these categories:


  • Have been quarantined due to someone in the family testing positive to COVID-19

  • Your child(ren) and/or close friends have tested positive 

  • Your child(ren) have been asked to quarantine from school

  • May have come in contact with someone positive with COVID-19


Please follow these policies before returning to the gym:

  • Your gymnast quarantine for 2 weeks 

  • Provide a negative test result before returning to practice.  


While we know these “policies” are not ideal and may change due to the outlook of the pandemic, we ask that you be respectful of them at this time.  We are all working in an unknown area and are trying our best to keep all parties involved with the gym as safe as possible.  Transparency is also key here.  Please don’t fear missing out on practices!

Q: We just don't know if we are comfortable enough or if the gym is doing enough to stay safe?

A:  We believe we are doing what we can to be as safe as possible at this time.  If you have any concerns with safety during this time, we ask that you exercise caution on your end as you see best fit (ie. staying home just because, getting tested just because, etc).

Q: We didn’t get to change before class, my child will need to get changed at the gym, will they be able to?

A: We recommend your child be dressed when they come into the gym, because they will be allowed limited items when entering the gym, and to limit their time in shared spaces, getting dressed prior to entry is best, however, our restrooms, that were being worked on during the end of Fall session and beginning of Spring session have been completed and are open for use, so we have facilities available. 

Q: How has the gym prepared for the social distancing?

A: Great question, we have been preparing to get you all back into the gym.

  • We have marked off 6 feet in all areas of the gym.

  • We have moved to a zone model, where each class stays in the assigned zone for the duration of their class.

  • We have designated one entrance for entry and one for exit. 

  • We have closed down water fountains, the family restroom and removed the door from the gym floor, to limit the amount of handles that have to be touched.

  • We have marked the cubbies to make sure that students' belongings are able to be safely stored and distanced.

  • All coaches and staff have been trained on the new guidelines and have been a part of a test phase to ensure things will run smoothly. 

  • We have reduced class sizes to a 6:1 ratio and limit the amount of classes happening at once

  • All coaches will be masked while on the floor, and when interacting with students.

  • No students are required to wear masks during classes. 

  • Despite state and local restrictions, we do ask that all persons not attending class remain masked inside of the building regardless of vaccination status, etc. at this time.