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Gymnastics at Home Training

online classes:

     Due to the ongoing Pandemic, we've had to close our doors at our Hammond park facility.  We want to make sure we remain connected to our students and families while also preparing for a possible future in virtual gymnastics training.

     For the remainder of May, we are bringing you LIVE gymnastics training videos free of charge.  

     We want to take this time to engage with our students (who we miss so much) while also getting feedback on what your expectations are for future virtual programming.



Classes are separated by age group and skill level:

  • Wiggle Worms: 1-3 years old, designed to be done with a parent or trusted adult

  • Mighty Mites/Supermites: 3-5 years old (Parents/Guardian help encouraged if needed)

  • Beginner: 6-14 years old (no experience needed)

  • Intermediate: 6-14 years old (some knowledge of gymnastics positions, rolls, handstand kicks)

  • Advanced: 8-14 years old (experienced knowledge of gymnastics and skills like walkovers, roundoffs etc)

weekly class



Beginner Gymnastics: @ 3:30pm

Intermediate Gymnastics:  @ 4:15pm

Advanced Gymnastics:  @ 5:00pm


Wiggle Worms: @ 10:15am

Mighty Mites/Supermites: @ 12:00pm


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what do i need?:

  • Way to Watch: Tv, Tablet or computer (We will being using the Google Meet platform for Rec classes and Facebook Live for Preschool classes)

  • Clear Space (About 6x6 feet)

  • Pen and Paper: For weekly “gymwork”

  • Weekly you’ll be asked to bring household items like a broom or towel to your workouts.


Are Virtual Classes Free?


Yes. For now.  From now through the month of May, all live classes will be free of charge.  We want to engage with our students but also gain feedback from our families for a future in virtual gymnastics.  We understand times are changing and our new “normal” may include virtual programming, so we want to make sure we are bringing our families the optimal experience!

*Option for donations for classes are available and very much appreciated during this time!​


What do I need to participate?


You will need:

  • Something you can move around in comfortably.  What you usually wear to practice would be awesome!

  • A clear area (at least 6' x 6')

  • An open wall to do handstands

  • Various household items that vary week to week: a pillow, a couch, a chair, socks, etc.


How Long are Virtual Classes?

  • All virtual classes are about 30 minutes long



What is the virtual class structure?

  • All classes begin with a warm-up, stretching and light conditioning

  • There will be 2 events featured per workout

  • A cool down period will include a quick quiz and “gym work”                                                                                  


 Why is there only 1 timing option per level?​

  • Based on demand and willingness/availability of staff, we have decided on the trial schedule. If demand increases (live classes are too full), we will increase offerings! 



Is there a student maximum capacity to the live classes?

  • Not at the moment. Each class will have one coach.  As numbers increase, another coach will be added or another time slot. 

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