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the phoenix gymnastics fund

Supporting the development of kids through the lens of gymnastics!

About the phoenix gymnastics fund:

The Phoenix Gymnastics Fund is 501(c)3 nonprofit organization whose goal is to.  Our mission  is build a community that supports kids from grade school all the way up through High School through the lens of gymnastics.  Our goal is to help support the development of children from all backgrounds while also incorporating the help of families and community partners!

How we support our community

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Gym Heroes
Gym Heroes Logo.png

A Neurodiverse Gymnastics Program

Gym Heroes is a special needs, neurodiverse program created by the Phoenix Gymnastics Fund. Gym Heroes will serve a wide range of learners and provide a loving environment that is inclusive and supportive of children with neurodiverse challenges, so that they can learn, grow, and flourish.  Gymnastics provides children with a sensory-rich environment to stimulate the brain, foster social skills, and strengthen their fine and gross motor skills.

The Gym Heroes program will incorporate gymnastics to help kids regulate their emotions, meet their sensory demands, enhance their communication skills, and improve social skills. Trained neurodiverse professionals and gymnastics coaches will work with these students through their challenges and help them celebrate even their tiny victories!

Please Fill Out Our Pre-Interview Form to get your Gym Hero started!


Jr. Coach Program

Our Jr. Coach program is dedicated to high schoolers and gives them the opportunity for hands on work experiences.  We partner with community high schools to match teenagers with intersests in the areas of: early childhood development, physical therapy, Administration and HR Management, Digital Marketing and Branding. 

Jr. Coach

Phoenix Scholarship Fund

Gymnastics is a sport that requires a lot of equipment and well trained staff thus, making it a fairly expensive sport to participate in.  We want to make sure we make this sport available to all!  Our Phoenix Scholarship Fund is

Scholarsip Fund
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